Friday, August 27, 2010

The Yams

Ariel & I discovered that a mysterious purple yam exists that is SUPER sweet so we set out to find one! (Along the way, we were also looking for a specific tomato and plum jelly)
We went the Farmer's Market and searched around. Found an heirloom tomato which I was told is sweet. Haven't tried it yet.
While searching for a really sweet jelly, we talked to a gentleman who made Muscadine & Peach Cider Slushies. "I'd never like that!" I thought to myself, but he wanted to give us a sample, so I tried the Muscadine first so as not to be rude. It was sweet & tart, but not too bad. Then he wanted us to try the Peach one and I just knew I wouldn't like it. But I was wrong. It was sweeter with just a little tartness. I ended up buying a cup of the slushie and the cider itself as well as some plum jelly. I left with a huge smile on my face! I couldn't believe I liked anything with real fruit in it!
In our search for purple yams, we went to the...wait for it... Purple Yam Cafe, a Filipino cafe. We were hoping they would have purple yam cake we had read about. They said they had purple yam rice and purple yam ice cream. We got both.
Purple Yam Rice is interesting. The rice part threw me off. I wasn't used to eating flavors in my rice, but it didn't taste bad. I let Ariel eat the rest; she loved it.
Purple Yam Ice Cream is amazing! Loved it. It was so sweet it tasted like cotton candy ice cream.
They were all out of their cake, but we'll be going back next Wednesday when they said they'd get a new shipment.
We went to the asian market and were surprised to see fresh purple yams there. We snatched some up as well as some Purple Yam "potato" chips. (The chips are very hard and taste like candy. I didn't like the texture, Ariel liked the chips.)
We got a Jewel Yam from The FreshMarket because that's the next sweetest yam, to my knowledge.

The Purple Yam is the long, tan one on the left.
The Jewel Yam is the smaller purply one on the right.

I baked both the Purple & Jewel yam in the oven like a regular potato.

The Jewel yam is bright orange and the Purple Yam is obviously a dark purple.

The jewel yam reminded me more of a regular potato. It was sweet, but still had a strong potatoy flavor. I liked it.
The purple yam was so sweet it was like candy and masked the potato flavor. If you can see in the picture, it was kind of stringy as well. I decided I preferred the jewel yam instead.

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