Friday, January 10, 2014


Update: (1/10/14) Buster's x-rays were sent to a radiologist who felt they looked normal. We've decided to go in a different direction and treat his allergies with a combined antihistamine and steroid.

My poor dog, Buster, has been suffering from undiagnosed health issues. I got him Sept. 21, 2013. I noticed that he fatigued easily, panted excessively long after exercising, and coughed upon heavy exertion. 
He's had an EKG, X-Ray, Echocardiogram, but still no answers. His X-ray showed inflammation in the lungs (the cloudiness) and twisted pulmonary vessels (circled).
Twisted pulmonary vessels

Luckily, we have an amazing vet who I know cares a lot about Buster and has worked very hard for him. 
I'm very thankful so far that there have been no signs of heartworms: Multiple negative tests, no signs in the x-rays or echo. I just hope we find out what's going on soon.

Last night Buster threw up everything he had in him plus more. I don't think it was related to these other issues. I caught him eating something when I took him out to use the bathroom. I have no idea what it was, but an hour and a half later he was vomiting. I was really surprised that 4 hours after eating, his food looked exactly as it did when he ate it. (Was that TMI? Vomit doesn't bother me. After having cats for so long, you get used to it.)

Friday, January 3, 2014


in 2003, when I was 16 I took a painting class. Produced a few paintings but then the studio moved and I stopped painting.
In 2010, I was dealing with some heartache and decided to take up painting as a way to deal with it. (It helped immensely.) I pulled out my art kit and was please to see all my nice brushes were there (had to buy new paint though). I searched the internet for follow-along tutorials like Bob Ross did, but with acrylics and found Tim Gagnon.
So far, I've done 10 of his paintings. And I've purchased more lessons that I haven't completed yet.
Some of my favorite finished paintings from his series:
I painted this for Mother's Day 2010.
This was another gift for my mother to go with the tulip. 2011
My great-grandmother painted the cardinal on the right in 1978.
I painted the one on the left in 2012.
I also paint at a place called Wine & Design. They have a calendar, you pick the date with the painting you like. They supply all the materials and a teacher stands at the front painting along with you offering instruction. It's a lot of fun, although I take much longer when I do paintings at home so I feel like the ones I do at Wine & Design are not of the same quality. But that's my shortcoming, not theirs.

This was an anniversary gift to my boyfriend.

I painted this for a friend that loves fall.
Oct 2013

I haven't painted at home in a long time, though. I started a series of birds but haven't finished the first one.

Hopefully it'll look something like this.
Painting makes me feel accomplished. I've started and finished something and have something beautiful to show for it. It's also hard to say something is your hobby if you never do it. I don't cake decorate anymore, although I still enjoy baking. There's something especially satisfying about being creative though.