Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Beginning

All my life I have eaten potatoes for almost every meal. I like them mashed, baked and fried. I like a few other things, but potatoes are the main course for every meal. Why? I don't know. I've just always been like this. It's Adult Picky Eating Disorder. I never wanted to try new things...until now.
Tired of being limited and feeling like a 'freak show' I decided to finally tear down some walls, step out of my comfort zone and explore the world of food.
Regular doctors and nutritionists had failed me, so, being desperate, I called a hypnotist. My first appointment was August 2010 and even she was baffled by my problem, but she thought hypnotism could help me. As of today, I've had one hypnotism session and will have another on August 30.
With the help of two friends, Lauren & Ariel, I have been slowly exploring the world of food.
I was sitting at Lauren's kitchen table one evening glancing through a book on natural health remedies when I came upon a list of foods. Next to each one, the taste, appearance and texture was described. I went through the entire section and made a list of what I thought I might like. The next day, we went to Fresh Market and picked out things. I started keeping a Food Diary to write down my thoughts on everything I tried. This blog is my extension of the food diary. I want to chronicle my experience with a picky eating disorder that has not been studied enough to find a treatment for. I hope to one day be able to eat a variety of foods and help others with this same problem.

I was featured in an article in a newspaper that gives an explanation of my food issue & problems it causes. You can read it here.

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