Thursday, June 12, 2014

Burlesque at The Idiot Box

Some friends and I went to the Burlesque show put on by Vaudeville After Dark at The Idiot Box Saturday night (June 7) at 11:30. I had never seen any burlesque before. When I think of burlesque I think of a girl inside a giant martini glass and Dita Von Teese.

Dita + martini glass = Burlesque
That was not what we got, but it was just as good. There were several female performers but it was really the men that stole the show. There was a definite comedy element to the show. The first song was "Hot Stuff" by Donna Summer and part-way through the dance a man in a jalapeƱo costume bursts out from the curtain and joins in. The audience exploded in laughter.

A team called The Brouhaha Revue came on and did a choreographed routine to Vogue and later did Thriller. AMAZING!

As someone who is extremely self conscious, it was refreshing to see people up on stage with all different bodies totally comfortable showing them off, flaws and all. I wished I could have that confidence.

The show was a riot and a very fun experience. It will definitely become a regular girls night. The first Saturday of every month at 11:30 at The Idiot Box. $10 admissions fee. They serve a bottles of beer and Mike's Hard Lemonade.

About to enjoy some Burlesque

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