Monday, December 23, 2013

New Year

So 2013 is almost over and I always get excited about a near year. It feels like when you open an exciting new book and turn to that crisp, white first page.

 My new years resolution for this year (I think) was to floss...or was that 2012's resolution? Whatever my resolution was I didn't complete it. But I'm at least writing down 2014's resolutions so next December I'll know if I've failed (am I being pessimistic?): 

1. Do a split
I'm naturally very flexible and with yoga I can gain flexibility fairly quickly but I've never been able to do a split. My hamstrings are very tight, so those are first on the list to stretch. 

2. 30-Day Yoga Challenge
This complements #1 in that I would like to do some form of yoga for 30 days straight. I have several DVDs to vary the routine. (I highly recommend Shiva Rea, especially her revolutionary Yoga Shakti DVD)
Yoga Shakti

3. Read 30 books
I love GoodReads. Before it I bought small journals made for keeping track of books read. So I actually have a record of all the books I've read since 2005. I got bored one day and uploaded all those dates to the site. The most I've read in a year was 39 books in 2007. This year I reached my goal of 25.

GoodReads stats
I was busy in 2011, ok?!

4. Agility Training
Not for me, though, for my amazing dog, Buster. So far he has completed his Beginners obedience class. His Intermediate class starts Jan. 22, then he'll take the Advanced class and *fingers crossed* will pass his Canine Good Citizen test. After that he'll be able to do pre-agility courses. Then after mastering all that he can start taking Agility classes. We have a long road ahead of us but eventually I'd like to do some competitions with Buster, if he enjoys it.

5. Get into PTA School
This really should be #1. I have been working towards Physical Therapy Assisting school since Fall 2011. (I've been in college since 2005. I already have a B.A.) This past fall I finally got an A in Anatomy & Physiology 1 at Randolph Community College. I take A&P2 this spring, as well as the TEAS test. Then I will apply having done everything I possibly can to get in. I'm still in shock over my A in A&P1....I can't even imagine what I'll feel when (not if!) I get my acceptance letter. 

Update: I got into PTA school (and graduated), read over 30 books, and did agility training with Buster. I did not do a split or 30 days of yoga.

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