Monday, December 30, 2013


Buster is having his DNA tested. I put the kit in the mail today. The lab should receive it by the 2nd and I should finally have an answer to the constant question "What kind of dog is that?"

What breeds do you see in Buster?
In fact, right after I dropped the kit off at the post office, Buster and I went for a walk and the first woman we pass asks me "What kind of dog is that?". I've been walking along a busy street and had a car pull off and wait for me to pass so he could ask me what kind of dog I have.

We're using the Wisdom Panel 2.0 . You get a kit in the mail with two swabs. You swab your dogs cheek & gums for 15 seconds, dry the swabs, enclose them in the package and mail it back. Results are emailed to you within 2-3 weeks of receipt. 

The results show a family tree for your dog, going back to both sets of great-grandparents. Some parts of the DNA can be so muddled that it only shows up as Mixed Breed. Nobody  can agree on Buster's breeds because he LOOKS so muddled. Generally the results show percentages; They might tell you your dog is 12.5% one breed, 25% another, etc. I'm afraid the percentages will be mostly "Mixed Breed". I suppose if they can discern just one breed, I'll be satisfied.

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