Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Went to the Filipino Cafe today hoping to try some Ube Cake (purple yam cake) but they didn't have any. Bought some Halo-Halo instead. It was weird.

On the bottom there were some kind of beans, coconut, mango, and possibly other stuff. The middle layer had purple yam, shaved ice and milk. The top had purple yam ice cream.

I'm not sure the proper way to drink/eat it. They gave me a big straw for it and I mostly drank from the middle. Tasted like a purple yam milkshake. It was just weird, but I was proud of myself for trying it.

For some reason, the cafe brought us some free food while we were sitting around talking. It was two bread rolls, one filled with pork and one with chicken. I tried to take a bite of the chicken one, but I'm not ready for meat. I almost felt sick. The chicken was sweetish but I just couldn't handle it.
Went to Panera and tried a sample of potato soup. It had some kind of cheese in it and it was just awful. Tried a bagle for the first time: French Toast Bagel.
It was good! Very sweet :-)

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